OGER: OntoGene’s Biomedical Entity Recogniser

OGER is a web service for biomedical text annotation. Users can provide as input a PubMed ID, a PubMed Central ID, or their own text. By default, OGER will use the terminologies from the Bio Term Hub (BTH) to annotate the provided text. Optionally, users can first create their own selection of resources from the BTH, then use it for annotation using this service.

This page is intended only as a demonstrator, for usage as a web service see this explanation.

Type or paste some text into the text area below.
Alternatively, insert a PubMed or PubMed-Central ID and select the corresponding option in the menu on the left.

Use the tick options above to select the annotation dictionary.
The “default” option is a large-coverage dictionary generated using the Bio Term Hub.

Notice that not all PubMed-Central articles are available as full text.
In some cases, PMC delivers only the abstract.